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Micky P Kerr - 'Kerr In The Kerrmunity' + The DCC Improv Show

This month is a SPECIAL EDINBURGH PREVIEW SHOW from Britain's Got Talent Finalist Micky P Kerr
"Kerr’s ability to get laughs out of them marks him out as perfect Radio 4 material."
- Richard Levison - Three Weeks Edinburgh
"Unlike some acts who are not funny then are funny, you are always funny."
- Simon Cowell
"You don’t need me to tell you how funny you are, and if you carry on like this I could see you in the final."
- David Walliams
Micky is currently on a nationwide UK tour with his one man show title 'Z- list celebrity' 
The 1st half of this particular show will be a 1 hour Edinburgh preview from Micky - Show title still to be confirmed but it promises to be an absolute belter!
Michael Kerr is an Englishman. 
To those who don’t know him he is a tall, dark and handsome stranger. To those of you do, he is tall, dark and handsome. 
Born in 1981 he started life as a minor and remained one until 1997. It was then that his love/hate relationship with music began. 
Kerr would often lock himself away for days on end. Folk came to marvel at this spectacle. Some would flatten sandwiches and pass them under his door, others would simply sit, wait and listen. However, with no toilet in his room, many lost respect for this young maverick, as he was often found in what could only be politely put as a 'mess'... 
Undeterred by well-wishers, Kerr continued to isolate himself from society. His writing became more and more scribbled, to the point where he could no longer read. Fearing he could no longer read, he reappeared from his room and washed himself clean. The crowds slowly dispersed and life returned to normal. 
It was then that Kerr successfully applied for a steady job with Norwich Union and light began to appear at the end of a long, dark metaphorical tunnel. No longer a social outcast, Kerr re-kindled his lifelong ambition of becoming a professional songwriter and at the age of 20 he wrote his first song. In his own words it was “sad, melancholy and crap”. 
After this dreadful setback, Kerr returned to solitude and the crowds began to reappear. However, after 7 hours locked away he opened the door to see a chord book. After learning some chords Kerr frantically began writing songs the next day...
The 2nd section of the show will be an extended special Improv show from resident improv troupe - The Discount Comedy Checkout
If you've never seen improv before, you are in for a right treat. 
All the games, scenarios, and situations are formed from your suggestions ... thats right YOU, the audience.
Its brilliant, great fun, and hilarious!
"5 STARS! The comedy is creative and crude, quick and quirky, the performers commit completely to the games and create funny and fantastic characters at a moment's notice." - Remotegoat
"There's a wonderful slapstick nature to it all but they are all impressively literate in film culture and genres too, creating brilliant, quick draw pastiches of popular cinema that will have you in stitches." - Manchester's Finest
"Total fun and instantly engaging." - WHODARESGRINS.COM
Hosted by our brilliant MC Chris Lumb (as seen on Russell Howard's Good News). 
£7.00 Advance Early Bird Tickets (Buy before Sat June 1st)
£10.00 Standard Online (From June 1st)
£12.00 - LIMITED TICKETS On The Door
The Hilton - Stockton-on-Tees



Take advantage of a special rate at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel – only 500 metres from our venue.

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