We don't have an 'application' process for playing our gigs or events; so emailing or ringing us out of the blue will almost certainly be a waste of time. That’s us being honest.
Putting an event on in our venues can rack up a lot of costs – and not just the obvious stuff; but lots of hidden costs too…like security, heating, licenses etc.  Events need to work financially – attracting an audience that will help us to cover our costs through decent ticket and bar sales.   It’s important that the venue doesn’t lose money when putting on shows.
We get offered lots of artists through professional agents and we also work with some great promoters from the Teesside area – many of which put on small gigs that don’t have the same level of costs as ours do – mainly because they are in pubs and don’t have big technical needs (like stages, large PA systems and lighting rigs). 
These gigs act as ‘feeder’ events to ours. So if you do well and bring in a crowd, then that promoter will be more inclined to include you at one of their bigger gigs with us. We generally all talk to each other.
The best way to get a gig directly with us is to make yourselves known to our team… that means coming to our gigs, speaking to our staff (maybe at the end of the night when they’re less busy…)…

From time to time we run projects for local artists to get involved in - projects that will help you to improve your profile or your understanding of the music industry - so if you get offered the chance to join in, then please do... it'll be worthwhile.  

We also run rehearsal rooms and recording studios – using them is also a way of us finding out about you and your music… We’ll also keep an eye on your social media activity – so that we can judge your ability to pull a crowd by seeing how active you are in promoting your activities.