Welcome to The Georgian Theatre

Updated: Music venues and music fans still aren't out of the woods yet, but we're getting there... 

The government has now removed capacity restrictions on music venues.

The government wants to move away from regulating events to a position where we all take personal responsibility for each other’s health but the Prime Minister himself has stated publicly that "this pandemic is not over" - and we all need to bear that in mind.

This is how our gigs and events will be working at The Georgian Theatre, Stockton and The Green Room, Stockton.


1. If you have any COVID symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has COVID, please do not come to one of our shows.


2. Our venue staff will continue to wear face coverings for the time being. We would ask our customers to do the same when moving around our buildings - especially in tight corridors or on staircases.


3. We don't intend to operate a "passport" system immediately but our hand may be forced as government guidance changes - something already strongly being mooted by the Government.

Try and get ahead of the game, so if you can, get vaccinated - and consider taking lateral flow tests, before and after coming to shows.

...and remember, don't come to a show if you test positive.


4. Please keep your distance. People may not be too comfortable getting up close for now - especially where masks aren't being worn.

If you start to feel uncomfortable in the crowd, don't panic. We've set aside a room upstairs in The Georgian Theatre to get away from the busy main room. Pop upstairs, have a cuppa and catch your breath for a few minutes. The mosh pit will be still there when you are ready for it.


5. Our cleaning systems will continue to be rigorous and we'll keep our hand sanitiser stations in place at various locations.

We'll continue to display our NHS QR codes at the front door and would ask you to keep checking in.

Our ventilation will be switched on each night in The Georgian Theatre - apologies in advance if it gets a bit chilly.


Please keep checking or up to date information.

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The Georgian Theatre is run by local music charity, Tees Music Alliance.  During tough times like these, we are relying on help and support from a range of organisation to keep doing our work to develop a thriving music scene for our area.  If you can afford to make a contribution to our work, please consider making a donation HERE.

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